Escape Room

Dou you have what it takes?

Escape room is an adventurous game where players solve series of puzzles and riddles by using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. Players have to solve all the riddles in order to get out of the room successfully before the given time runs out. The time limit is 60 minutes. Do you have what it takes?

In Go Vuokatti you can find three differend kinds of escape room! In one room there can be 2-8 players at the same time.


2 person – 80 €
3-4 person – 100 €
5-6 person – 120 €
7-8 person – 20 €/person
Under 7 years old for free with adults.



You wake up from the train heading to Mississippi. Your last memory is when armed persons abducted you on the train dock and imprisoned you in the train’s cell. The train is moving forward and your task is to stop it before it falls from the rail. You have one hour, can you do it?

Can you stop the train and success to escape in a time?

Suitable: Family, corporate events, group of friends


Your group has been skiing in the French Alps in the village of Chamonix. The long-lasting snowstorm has provided great weather for downhill skiing. As the weather reaches a potentially severe snowstorm, your group seeks refuge in an old alpine hut located on a mountainside. You already thought you were safe inside … but when an avalanche suddenly hit on the cottage.

Do you manage to call for help before it’s too late?

Suitable for: Families, companies, those in need of challenge


You have been able to break into the Superpark’s secret command center, where you can control all of the world’s Superparks. However, your breakthrough has been noticed and the command center is automatically destroyed in an hour.

Your task is to find Superpark’s future plans from the command center before everyone is destroyed. Can you survive the task?

Suitable for: Families, companies, those in need of challenge

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