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A super fun laser tag game Megazone!

Megazone is a super fun laser tag game for anyone who loves adventures. The basic idea of the game is to collect points by tagging other players’ game vests or bases with harmless laser guns. The game field is a large maze which is decorated with glowing paintings. Immersive music will create an exciting atmosphere in the game.

Our game arena is in two floors and there can play 33 players in one game!

First Game = 11 € / Person
Extra game = 8€ / Person
All day pass = 25€/hlö 

All day pass = Play how much you want! You can make a reservation to first game. After that you can play in every game, if there is room 10 minutes before the game starts.  


Play only with your own group!

Price for private games

22 min (One game) = 199 €
1h = 385 €
1,5 h = 545 €
2 h = 640 €

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